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Cheap VoIP

cheap VoIP

The finest cheap VoIP services include essential call management, unlimited calling, virtual phone numbers, and an easy-to-use interface.

VoIP service is often less expensive than traditional landline phone calls, but the cost might still build up depending on how many phone numbers or complex services you want.

Cheap VoIP service should provide a solid feature set, reliable service, and affordable entry-level and upper-tier products.

Some carriers even allow customers to mix and match plans and services, saving money and serving enterprises with low call volumes or variable demands.

However, the cheapest VoIP phone service pricing plans can vary based on the VoIP features they offer.

What is VoIP?

A VoIP phone system, in essence, allows you phone calls, video conferencing, and unlimited international calling through an Internet connection.

You may usually maintain your existing phone numbers with a VoIP phone service or provider, and you don’t need any additional gear or expensive IT expertise to be set up and start making calls.

Pricing is the first consideration when selecting the finest cheap VoIP phone service provider for small companies.

However, the cheapest VoIP phone service does not necessarily imply the best value for your money.

Important Characteristics In Cheap VoIP Services

With so many calling options available, knowing which VoIP providers should be included in the cheapest VoIP phone service is applicable.

Simple Installation And Administration

Pricing plans do not always provide an accurate picture of implementation costs. Are your current resources capable of completing the setup and activation independently?

A professional services team may be required for more significant tasks and enterprises—and some suppliers may charge you a considerable fee.


Not everyone can be reached at all hours of the day. Not all cheap VoIP services will include free voicemail and personalized voicemail greetings.

What if you have meetings all day and cannot listen to every voicemail? Cheap VoIP phone services should also have a visual voicemail option that transcribes your voicemails so you can view them on the road or in a conference.

SMS And Instant Messaging

Aside from unlimited calling plans and phone support, text messaging is an essential medium that consumers and prospects respond to.

Your VoIP service should include SMS and instant messaging so that you may communicate internally and externally with employees, clients, patients, and those outside your firm.

Conference Calling

Many VoIP service providers include the ability to make conference calls, although the cost varies. With free VoIP services, you should be able to get phone support and make conference calls and international calls using your VoIP provider.

Cheapest VoIP Services


Instead of charging per user, Grasshopper is a cheap VoIP service that sets a fixed monthly price for its programs. Its user interface is simple to navigate and utilize.

Furthermore, all plans contain basic calling features, allowing you to select a package depending on the number of users rather than subscribing to access specific services.

Another intriguing aspect of Grasshopper is how it manages plans compared to other typical VoIP providers.

Rather than charging a per-user cost, this VoIP provider has a price structure that is determined by the number of extensions and phone lines required by your company.

Unfortunately, Grasshopper does not provide video calls, a common component of most VoIP provider products.


Phone.com is a cheap VoIP service that offers a variety of price options. Choose from various metered and unlimited plans to guarantee that your company only pays for what it requires.

All Phone.com subscriptions include 50 basic voice capabilities, such as call routing, bespoke greetings, automated menus, speech tagging, and even CRM interfaces.

Phone.com also allows you to buy specific add-ons a la carte to avoid paying for items you don’t need.

The optional features of this VoIP service include unlimited calling, a live receptionist, international calling, call recording, and other phone numbers.


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