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Types of VoIP Services To Learn About

types of VoIP services

VoIP services have come a long way. In fact, this particular technology has become the most sought-after today. From humble origins a few years back, VoIP has become the choice for most businesses to replace the POTS lines, especially with the deadline for the big changeover drawing near. The industry has favored the services because they are less service and maintenance-intensive; in fact, a single operator can handle those aspects remotely, from a single location.

The rapid evolution of technology has ensured that the service also evolves into a more reliable option. Reliability has driven more businesses to adopt the technology, even more than any deadline. In fact, technology, which enables seamless communication and uninterrupted data sharing, has become essential in the information age.

With big service providers offering this technology to businesses as an alternative to the POTS lines-based system, the time of the almighty copper-based telecommunication seems to be at an end. The biggest question today is, What service does a business adapt to? But the more important question is what type of VoIP service would be the best choice. Let’s look at the different types of VoIP services that are on offer today.

Hosted VoIP services-based systems

If the business is looking for a cost-effective solution that doesn’t require maintenance and service-intensive option, then hosted VoIP should be their best bet. The hosted VoIP system is light on the budget but heavy in the options it provides to businesses. Based on a periodic fixed cost payment structure, hosted VoIP provide the familiar regularity that businesses become comfortable with.

The system works with the hosting company, housing the VoIP system at their premises, linked with a communication line to the business. The business can have a server installed on its premises to facilitate internal communication. The downside to this structure is that external communication gets disconnected if the main communication line goes down.

In-house hosted VoIP services-based systems

In-house hosted VoIP services are the most popular systems for businesses, both big and small. Big businesses employ these systems to replace their POTS-based PBX systems completely. In comparison, smaller enterprises use the software-enabled VoIP PBX for external communications.

These systems enable businesses to use VoIP-enabled digital phones, which connect to the central VoIP-enabled PBX and work the same way as the older handsets. And with SIP technology, mobile phones can also be used as VoIP-enabled phones to eliminate the use of external phone sets on larger premises.

Hybrid services

The time for POTS may be nearing its end as VoIP services provide a better communication alternative. But replacing traditional services may be off-putting to some businesses. This hesitation may be due to the cost involved in completely restructuring internal and external communications.

The best option for such businesses is to employ hybrid systems for communication. The system involves an internal communication structure that remains the same, connected by a bridging system to the external VoIP services-based system. This may change eventually, but this hybrid system offers a workable option to businesses for now.


VoIP services have proven to be the best alternative to the traditional POTS lines-based system. But with different options to choose from, businesses need to consider several factors before making a decision. Doing in-depth research into what the business needs versus what is available today can help the business decide on the best solution.


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